2Cellos - The Final Farewell

“Are you ready to celebrate with us?”


(Croatia – 2022) World-famous cellists HAUSER and Luka Šulić return to the global stage after almost three years, for their last and final tour as the revolutionary 2Cellos. What began as a rebellious experiment ten years ago, ultimately captured the hearts and minds of millions all over the world. Featuring interpretations of some of the world’s most iconic rock and pop songs, they belied conventions of the classical, rock and pop worlds and literally conquered the globe with their one-of-a-kind performances. Now, having completed everything they ever set out to do together, they have come to the end of the road.

But first, in celebration of their success and in honor of their deep, abiding friendship, their last and final world tour will allow fans everywhere to experience the unique, groundbreaking sound of these occasionally dueling cellos but always, musically synchronized cello masters.

The final 2Cellos world tour will be their fans’ last chance to see them together. Performing some of their most iconic versions of songs – from classical to pop, and rock music, there is no question that there will be some tears in the aisles. Never wishing to disappoint their loyal fan base, however, and in recognition of their time together, they have also released their last and final album together,  “Dedicated.” And that is precisely what this wild musical ride has been – one of phenomenal dedication and artistic growth.

The 2Cellos decade has been punctuated by appearances with many of the hottest rock and pop acts to ever grace the music world, from Elton John, who was the key player in discovering their innate talent, to George Michael, Steven Tyler and Andrea Bocelli. Through sold out concerts in the world’s most prestigious and celebrated venues – like the Royal Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House – they currently possess more than 1.5 billion views on their YouTube channel. As a result, the 2Cellos have achieved their wildest dreams as a duo and now, it’s time to say, “farewell.”

But fans need not worry. HAUSER himself has no intention of slowing down. He’s heading for the spotlight with some exciting and innovative plans of his own.  And, if the past carries any hint of what we can expect, it’s going to be a long and glorious ride.