HAUSER Ultra-Premium Wines are Here!

Both modern and classical music can be played on a beautiful instrument; in the same way, tradition and innovation can be expressed in the finest wines.

HAUSER announces his very own premium wine collection which comes in both Dry and Sweet Premium and Ultra-Premium collections.

The noble Furmint variety expresses the unique mineral character of the volcanic vineyards, it is the finest expression of the terroir. HAUSER Furmint is a magnificently complex, mineral dry white wine with elegance on the Grand Scale. The art of blending of the traditional grape varieties showcases the real values of the carefully selected, noble and attractive Furmint, the charismatic Hárslevelű and the delectable Sárga Muskotály. HAUSER Limited Edition sweet wine is extremely complex and charming, luscious, and long lasting. This fine wine displays perfect balance of natural sweetness and layered acidity. A true masterpiece.

HAUSER Wines are produced in Mád village of Tokaj region by virtue of the wines of this historic area were considered the Wines of Kings; Tokaj has been an iconic region of the wine world for centuries.

The new Golden Age of Tokaj has begun and Mad Wines are integral part of this process and its leader.

HAUSER Wines are modern wines made primarily from the Grand Cru sites of the world’s oldest demarcated wine region, expressing the indisputable values of the historic vineyards with innovative approach. More information regarding HAUSER’s new wine brand can be found at or by clicking here!

Learn more about the different varieties of HAUSER Premium wines: Premium HAUSER Wines from Mád, Tokaj region (