HAUSER - Awarded Artis Suavitas Prize in Naples

Royal Palace of Naples, Italy

Strong aptitude, never ending study and uncommon application allows an extraordinary musician like HAUSER to infuse tightrope agility into his bow, enabling him to demonstrate technically flawless performances for the masses.

All this is then accompanied by the passion for knowledge and musical exploration, where all barriers between styles and genres come to dissipate.

As such, this boundless talent is embodied by an artist’s capability of bringing passion and beauty to life through the strings of his cello. HAUSER, an immense artist capable of totalizing quality when all things converge, from jazz to rock, from classical to Latin music, in unique melodies with the ability to make us daydream and get lost in the world of music.

With these considerations, the Scientific Committee awards HAUSER with the Artis Suavitas Prize 2022.


About the Artis Suavitas Award:

This award was born in 2020 and was conceived as a mirror of social and cultural relationships by the Artis Suavitas Association.
The Association, whose president is lawyer Antonio Larizza, has one main target: to develop and encourage the cultural, archeological and gastronomic promotion of Campania Region. The symbol of the award is the ” tree of culture,” because as a tree has got its roots in the soil, man grows up thanks to the lifeblood of its culture. Likewise, the Italian word CULTURA comes from the Latin COLERE that means CULTIVATE, therefore this award is meant to cultivate the seeds of such culture so that it may grow and be preserved for future generations.