HAUSER Awarded Second Murex D'Or in Lebanon

"It is an honor and a pleasure to receive this prestigious award in the beautiful country of Lebanon, the home country of Murex d'Or!"

For the second time in just 8 months, HAUSER, internationally renowned cellist, has been awarded the prestigious Murex D’Or award for Excellence as an International Musician. During this 21st Murex D’Or event HAUSER was awarded his second Murex D’Or. It was held at the “Ambassadors Hall” in the Casino du Liban with the slogan of the event being “Rise up Lebanon – Get up, Lebanon.” The award was presented to him by the Lebanese Minister of Information, Ziad Makari, and the President of the Murex D’or Awards Committee, Dr. Fadi Helou. Other international superstars were in attendance at this prestigious event, such as Mohamed Ramadan and Annabella Hilal. The Murex D’Or has been acknowledging international singers, musicians, and actors for their undeniable excellence and international popularity for the past 21 years.

This is the second Murex D’Or that HAUSER has received for his work as international cellist and superstar. This award comes months before HAUSER begins his first solo tour as HAUSER – REBEL WITH A CELLO. Tickets and more information for this tour can be found HERE.