HAUSER Classic

“It’s simple…It’s made of the most romantic melodies ever written in classical music by the greatest composers – played on the cello, the most beautiful and romantic instrument of all.” 


While the formula might seem simple, in HAUSER’s hands, what might always seem simple is fundamentally, a re-birthing. His music video performances are direct captures of his imagination. 

Ever since he was a little boy, HAUSER has held a vision of transporting his listeners; to take them on a musical journey. With CLASSIC, he does just that, bringing forward the most famous and timeless musical themes to a place of everlasting exaltation, often through complementary music video portraits. HAUSER conceives of his musical choices through visions that come through his body when he hears them – and it is this kind of inspiration that impacted his repertoire choices for this CLASSIC album.

Regardless of where or how these great melodies – from Mozart to Tchaikovsky – might have made their impact in popular culture, HAUSER is in possession of an unerring faith that, “People will know this melody, even if they don’t know where it comes from,” and then he brings it to a whole new level. And in the hands of HAUSER, even if they didn’t know the classical masterpiece before hearing, he ensures that they will know and love it now, begging for more. 

Featuring 16 immortal tunes, HAUSER’s CLASSIC album also includes several crossover selections, like the pop/opera favorite, “Caruso,” made popular by both Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli – never brought to life on cello before…until now. 

Yet, it is perhaps the stirring, romantic storytelling style of HAUSER, best captured in his rendition of “River Flows in You,” on YouTube, that brings forward his very essence; an imagination that unites both musical beauty and soul.

HAUSER CLASSIC. A soundtrack for life and time, everlasting.


hauser classic album