HAUSER: Grammy Nomination

The sound of a great melody is a heart-stopping gift when it finds itself lovingly brought to life and re-imagined through the mind, body and soul of the performer. Such is the experience of HAUSER’s cello in, “For the Love of a Princess,” the majestic and sweeping theme from “Braveheart.” HAUSER evokes all the passion, the glory and drama intended from the now classic 1996 smash hit soundtrack by James Horner.

HAUSER almost never conceives of music without offering a complementary, visual “soundscape” and “For the Love of a Princess,” is no exception. His inspiration for this music features breathtaking scenery of his native home, Croatia. Seated in the midst of a surrounding mountain range, he summons boundless energy, a powerful visual capture redolent of Horner’s original, action adventure score about the fight for freedom.

A 2021 Grammy nominee for “Best arrangement,” “For the Love of a Princess,” in the hands of HAUSER is, in fact, a heart-stopping, everlasting experience.


hauser for the love of a princess album