HAUSER in "The Curse of the Black Pearl"

His bow is his sword.

The popularity of HAUSER’s first creative vision for, “Pirates of the Caribbean,” was a sumptuous yet earthbound venture, showcasing HAUSER himself soaring from a castle on high. Wind through the sails of his soulful cello sound – the glory of Disney’s musical tale of pirates, curses and adventure is re-born in his hands.

But when music is this passionate, it serves as a catalyst for creative reinvention and in the heart and mind of HAUSER, there will always be reinvention – for it defines him.  With this newly recorded version of the main theme from, “Pirates of the Caribbean,” HAUSER’s imagination takes him to the open water. Featuring an extraordinary duel between pirate rivals, the dance troupe of Urban Verbunk meets their match in HAUSER who alone, challenges their swords with the power of his cello bow.

Water glowing against the ebony night sky, HAUSER literally sets this music on fire for a final, cello dancing duel.

Listen Here: HAUSER – Pirates of the Caribbean – Single (